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Intercultural Mentoring

Experienced students from all university departments (mentors) share their experience as a student with international students at the beginning of their studies (mentees) and support them on a personal, professional and social basis.

 Mentoring partners


Take part as a mentor for the winter term 2020 and register now.
Take part as a mentee for the winter term 2020 - Registration for mentees starts end of August 2020!


New: Johannas adventures

Check out the Instagram-Stories of our former mentee Johanna! On the Instagram-account @unifreiburg she shares her experience as an international student and gives helpful tips! If you want to read more about her life in Freiburg, click here!

Instagramstories Johanna

Students Feedback


 Here’s what you get when you join the Intercultural Mentoring

Individual mentoring meetings – face-to-face
  • All mentors and mentees must submit completed application.
  • The mentors are then invited to come by our office for a short introductory meeting to figure out their personal interests and wishes, as we like to match you with the most suitable and appropriate partner.
  • After matching according to subject of study (if possible) and personal wishes, we will send out email addresses so that the mentoring partners can connect as soon as possible to clarify first questions.
  • Once the mentees have arrived in Freiburg, the assigned tandem partners (or small groups) maintain contact throughout the first semester and commit to meet personally for individual mentoring meetings – they are free to decide when, where and how often they want to meet. We support with material and advice, offer open-office hours and are always available for further questions or in case of difficulties.
 Inspiring events and trainings
  • The Kick-off Event is the official beginning of the mentoring relationship and allows you to connect to other international students from your faculty as well as other faculties.
  • Attend an Intercultural Training (on a voluntary basis) to get deeper insight about cultural competences, cultural influences and direct-indirect communication.
  • Enthusiastically participate in all Socializing Events (on a voluntary basis) such as pub crawls, hiking tours, internationals dinner and other cultural activities offered by mentors for all participants.
  • Commit to evaluate the Intercultural Mentoring Program at the Closing Event when receiving your certificate for successful participation as mentor or mentee.
 Intercultural Mentoring Process (winter term 2020)

Intercultural Mentoring is worthwhile - for all

Mentors and mentees benefit both from participation in the Intercultural Mentoring program:
  • Participate within a great program at the university: Significant 2,5-fold increase in the number of participants since first implementation 3 years ago: More than 250 mentors and mentees in winter term 19/20
  • Further expand your network and meet new friends from all over the world: Our mentors and mentees come from more than 50 countries
  • Take advantage of on-site intercultural exchange with participants from all university departments
  • Take part in intercultural training sessions and lots of inspiring socializing events
  • Improve your intercultural, communicative and social competences
  • Enhance your language skills
  • Upgrade your curriculum vitae with a certificate recognizing successful completion of program
  • Show commitment through voluntary work

 Impressions from the last semesters

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