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Games and fun

Are you looking for an idea what to do with your mentor/mentee or your friends? A way to get to know them even better?

Or do you want to get to know Freiburg / Germany better?

You are in the right place then! Choose one of the ICM games below, play it with your mentor/mentee/friends and have fun!

Social games

"Explore", "Connect", "Connect - the game extension"

Game 1: Explore
Game 2: Connect
Game 3: Connect - the game extension
Games 1-3 are created & designed by Johanna Patton

This series of games help you to have meaningful and deap conversations with your mentor, mentee or any other person. 
With the help of interesting questions, you get to talk and - in a fun way - get to know each other on a personal level.

"Countries of ICM"

Game 4: countries of ICM
Created & designed by Annika Artlich

One thing we love about the Intercultural Mentoring Program is having you abboard - people from different countries with different points of views, traditions, national dishes, languages and ways of growing up.

This game is a way of getting to know each other countries and of embracing our cultural diversity by discussing, looking at pictures and listening to stories of our home countries.

Getting to know Freiburg

"Scavenger hunt"

Game 5: Scavenger hunt
Created & designed by Annika Artlich

Do you want to get to know Freiburg better? The ICM scavenger hunt is an exciting social game that gives you a deeper insight in the city. We created small missions that make you get out there, discover the city and see it in a way you've never seen it before. 

"Discovery game - hidden gems of Freiburg"

Game 6: discovery game - hidden gems of Freiburg
Created & designed by Annika Artlich

Do you want to get to know Freiburg's hidden gems and non-touristic showplaces?

No matter whether you have just arrived in Freiburg or whether you've been living here for years already - this social discovery game will be perfect for you if you want to get to know the city better!

So how does this work? You will choose an area of Freiburg you want to get to know better. Whether that's sustainable Vauban, fancy Wiehre, close-to-nature Zähringen etc. - you decide. With the help of fun little tasks and challenges you will then discover this area of Freiburg.

Getting to know Germany

"Trivia game"

Game 7: trivia game
Created by Miriam Keßler and Sophie Schwanitz
Designed by Sruthi Srinivasan and Annika Artlich

Test your knowledge about Germany and the German language in this fun quiz!