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Socializing Events


ICM initiatives in June 2021

ICM Calendar June

Please let us know which activities you are interested in via email:

ICM Chess Club – any time you prefer

The first players came together in the Chess Club in April and they are looking forward to more players joining each month. Anyone who wants to play chess every now and then is welcome to register at any time. The appointments are arranged directly with our mentor Mohamed who organizes the club. Just let him know when you are free to play and he will let you know about the dates!

ICM Explore on 10.06.21: 19:00-20:00pm

Check our pdf, play with us and share your own culture and customs through meaningful conversation!

ICM Book Club on 24.06.21: 19:00-20:00pm

Our mentors Sascha and Guillermo are hosting the book club and are looking forward to you joining and talking about the book of the month. If you don’t have the chance to read the whole book before the meeting, you are still welcome to attend the meeting and join the discussion. You can sign up for one meeting you’re interested in or two or for all three. If you read just a part of a book, that would be more than fine – of course you can read the books in your native language.

Dates of the Book Club:
20th May: Matt Haig, "The Midnight Library"
24th June: Bill Gates, "How to Avoid Climate Change"
29th July: Yuval Noah Harari, "Sapiens: A Graphic History"

 ICM book club June


ICM initiatives in May 2021

ICM Calendar May2


ICM initiatives in April 2021 

ICM Calendar April


ICM Explore Game Night

Explore is our brand new game all about sharing your own culture and customs through meaningful conversation! Let us know your norms and traditions and get to know others from around the world. We will have time to discuss about life abroad, especially living in Germany and in Freiburg. Explore what other participants in the program say about their own cultures and get to know what experiences they have made here in Freiburg so far. The first game night took place on 23rd April from 19:00-20:00 pm and was a great fun.

Check our pdf and play with us. The next date is 10th June from 19:00-20:00 p.m., online via Zoom.



ICM Connect Game Night

Most of us like to meet new people, but you might experienced that it is not always easy to have a good conversation or to know how to start one. A good question can be the trigger you need to share thoughts, ideas and personal experiences! It is much more than simply asking „how are you“, how are your studies going“, or „did you see that thing on the news?“. With our Intercultural Mentoring Gamenight we want to offer you a variety of questions that lead you to good conversations. Get connected with other participants of the program and register!

TIP: It is also a fun game you can play together with your mentor or mentee to learn a little more about each other’s life and quirks. We have created it to help inspire laid-back, meaningful conversation with one another! Check our PDF and play it anytime you like within your mentoring relationships.

Connect Slider_Neu


ICM 10 minute City Tour through Freiburg

In this video we take you to Freiburg and do a 10 minute City Tour together. We hope you can enjoy our beautiful city form the comfort of your own home or you take the chance to walk it alone or together with your mentor or mentee.

We start at the Service Center Studium which supports you in the orientation and administration of your studies and gives you advise on all questions concerning studies and the university. The team of the Intercultural Mentoring Program is located on the third floor. Then take a walk with us through the city center and get to know some of the buildings of the university as well as the mensa. We walk through beautiful streets and see beautiful houses. We also show you the “Münster”, one of the landmarks of Freiburg, as well as the well-known “Bächle”. Finally, we hike up the Schlossberg and enjoy a romantic sunset. Have fun and enjoy!