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Intercultural Training “Communication across cultures”

Intercultural Training 2020/21 goes online

This semester we were able to offer the participants of the Intercultural Mentoring our annual Intercultural Training workshop. We usually meet personally and get to know each other, but this this year we changed everything! However, that didn’t stop us from creating aspace for exchange between participants from different cultural backgrounds.

Our workshops “Communication across cultures: How do our values influence the way we communicate with others?” took place on 25th November and 3rd December 2020 and were both fully booked. We were delighted with the interest and the lively participation of our mentors and mentees.

In each of the 3-hour workshops, the participants learn about the cultural influence on our values and the importance of good relationships. In addition, direct and indirect communication has highlighted in the training as well as and the dealing with cultural dimensions and categories. Throughout the entire training there is always time to reflect own intercultural experiences. This year, online working spaces were created in different breakout rooms where the participants were able to exchange ideas in small groups. Read here what our participants have learned for themselves:

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Intercultural Training 2019/20

Last week our first Intercultural Training took place. The training is offered by the Intercultural Mentoring Program for mentors and mentees to improve their intercultural competences. Within the three hour course the participants learned how different cultural backgrounds and values influences the way we communicate with others.

After the introductory presentation we discussed in groups about the importance of good relationships, direct and indirect communication and our own intercultural experiences. Due to the different cultural backgrounds of the participants we could find out great examples on communication across cultures.

Read the interview below to get to know the experiences of one participant.

Why did you apply for the Intercultural Training?

As an international student, I have had a lot of intercultural experiences so far. I applied for this training because I wanted to understand the behavioral background of others and learn how to react in different intercultural situations.

What are your experiences with the Intercultural Training? 

I really enjoyed the training. It was interesting to work with other nationalities in a group and share our experiences and thoughts on different topics. We received invaluable input from the presentation, which we could discuss in the break while eating cookies.

Was there something surprising that you have learned?

One of the things that will stay with me, is the fact that the perception of time is different depending on the cultural background. In Germany, it is important to get to a meeting or lecture on time, but in other countries like Brazil or Spain, there would be no consequences if someone would be late even to an exam.

How are you going to implement the information you have gained?

In my opinion, the things I have learned during the training will help my work as a mentor. It will not only benefit my work within the Intercultural Mentoring Program but also my personal and academic future, as I plan to continue my studies abroad.