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A record high: Intercultural Mentoring counts about 270 participants in winter term 20/21

We are so excited to let you know there are about 270 of mentors and mentees participating this year in the Intercultural Mentoring Program! This is again a significant increase in the number of participants to previous years. The program is now being carried out for the fourth time and the number of participants has risen continuously since it was first implemented. Today we are pleased that the number of participants has nearly tripled compared to the first year. As of today there are around 900 students who have benefited from participating in the Intercultural Mentoring Program so far.

With the number of mentees skyrocketing within the past week, we want to thank all mentors who in some cases have been assigned to two different mentees! Their commitment astounds us and we're so thankful they are taking the time to make the mentee's experience in Freiburg an easier and a more enjoyable one! Although it can be tricky to live abroad during the corona period and some of our participants are even still in their home countries, the Intercultural Mentoring Program is here to make this process just a little bit easier!

Due to the current November lockdown we’ve had to cancel our socializing events, but are bringing you some fun ways to participate online: our 10 Minute City Tour video is one of them! In place of our in-person city tour event we hope that all participants can enjoy our beautiful city from the comfort of their home. All mentors and mentees are cordially invited to participate in our online Intercultural Trainings and online Q&A sessions as well as in our Socializing Events in which we do crafts and bake together while asking questions and exchanging ideas. With these activities we would like to give everyone involved the opportunity to get to know one another and network beyond their individual mentoring relationships. This gives our participants not only the chance to further improve their intercultural, communicative, and social competences but also to expand their network and meet friends from all over the world!

We wish all our mentors and mentees a very good start into their mentoring relationships!