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ICM Game nights


ICM Explore Game night

On 23rd April and on 10th June our Explore Game nights took place. It was so much fun to play our brand new game with you and explore different cultures! Thank you so much for sharing your own culture and customs and letting us know what experiences you have had here in Freiburg so far.

 ICM Explore Gamenight


ICM CONNECT Game nights were a success!

Although all of our in-person events were cancelled this semester, it didn’t stop us from us getting together and finding a way to enjoy each other’s company. We couldn’t have been happier to see all of you who joined! More than 60 participants registered for our Gamingnights Connect on 16th December 2020 and 27th January 2021. This game that can be played online or in-person all about sparking thoughtful conversation.

After a short introduction of all participants and a warm welcome from the team we enjoyed a short impulse lecture of our student assistant and former mentee Johanna. She reflected about her experiences as an international student regarding having a good conversation. She is convinced that the “quality of your relationships depends on the quality of your questions”.

Our game CONNECT consists of these questions which lead into good conversation. It has 3 levels: The first level “Warm up” allows to get to know each other. The groups were put into different breakout sessions and started talking about these questions. When they came back to all they decided to stay within their groups to play level 2 “Going deeper”. These questions lead into deeper conversation and the most important lesson was that you have to be open, but also willing to listen. The game also offers a third level “Connect” which is more about reflection and we think it might be a nice outside of the gaming event to have that option when there is just a mentor or mentee - either in-person or virtually!  Check our pdf and play it anytime you like. We wish you lots of fun!


Connect Gaming Night

Connect Gaming Night (2)

Gamingnight 27.01.2021