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Kerstin Steiger-Merx

Kerstin Steiger-Merx koordiniert das Interkulturelle Mentoring, das sich an internationale Studierende richtet und ihnen nicht nur den akademischen sondern auch den kulturellen Einstieg in das Studium an der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg erleichtern soll.My name is Kerstin Steiger-Merx and I coordinate the Intercultural Mentoring Program. I am:

  • your contact person for all questions concerning the program
  • conducting the recruitment and matching of mentors and mentees
  • in charge of the process design and management
  • planning the program’s events, workshops and trainings
  • offering (conflict-) consulting

I love the Intercultural Mentoring Program and I am thrilled how great it has developed. I am extremely pleased how many students are involved as mentors each year and support the international freshmen with a lot of enthusiasm, knowledge and personal commitment. Since I personally like to travel, enjoy discovering different countries, and get to know new cultures, I am especially pleased that I was able to take on this project and can develop it further for all (international) students at our university.


Johanna Patton

Johanna I’m Johanna. I’ve been a member at the Intercultural Mentoring Program since May 2020 as a student assistant and am the voice behind the new series “Hä, was? The adventures of Johanna - an international student living in Freiburg.” I create the ideas behind the series as well as the videos, articles, and design!

What else? Well, I’m a Mexican-American international student from the USA and am currently studying ethnology and Spanish. I’m deeply passionate about culture and connection and I use it as inspiration for my writing. In my free time you can find me either pitching a tent on a camping trip, blogging about my experiences around the globe, or planning the next trip to a new country!