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Past events

Closing event ICM winter term 2022/23

closing event 22/23

At our face-to-face closing event on 11th of February, we celebrated another successful semester of ICM: More than 150 international students participated as mentees this semester and mastered the challenge of starting their studies in a new country. They were supported by about 150 mentors who were always happy to share their own experiences with their mentee(s) and to offer advice. We would like to thank all mentees and mentors for being part of this kind, supportive and welcoming community.

ICM – a win-win situation for both mentees and mentors

At the closing event, we were especially delighted by the personal reports of two of our longstanding mentors. They shared their personal mentoring experience and emphasized that being a mentor not only is a great way to support newcomers but it also provides so many benefits for mentors themselves. Not to forget it can be a lot of fun!



International Fingerfood Party


After the formal part and a short feedback session we turned our closing event into an international fingerfood party.  Many participants contributed a dish or snack from their home country and we were incredibly impressed by the beautiful and delicious international finger food buffet we created together. Trying those different dishes from all over the world was a real highlight of the event.


Thank you for all the effort you put into this!


What’s next?

Registration for mentors is currently open (until July 2023): students from all faculties who are interested in intercultural exchange and would like to support new international students are cordially invited to sign up as mentors. The matching process will start at the beginning of the winter semester 2023/24, once the new mentees have registered. The matching is carried out very carefully and is primarily based on subject of study/faculty, but of course personal wishes and interests are taken into account. Over the course of the summer semester 2023, mentors can already take part in exciting events. We look very much forward to seeing you!

Social events winter term 2022/2023

book club 1

soccer Freiburg vs. Bochumtheater: top girls

hidden gems of Freiburg - discovery gameboard game afternoon

snow walkbrunch

christmas market


Social events summer term 2022










lake constanceLabyrinth






museum natur und mensch 






outdoor games.png


ICM 2 scavenger hunt

ICM volleyball



Closing event ICM winter term 2021/22

closing 2022.jpg

At our ICM closing event, we celebrated the success of the more than 160 mentees who were there in winter term 2021/22 and who quickly settled down in Freiburg and had a good start at our university. We also celebrated our more than 130 mentors who put all their energy into sharing their own experiences and who offer advice and support to their mentees in terms of integration and orientation. Many mentors have been mentees before and exactly know what is important when starting your studies. Many have even mentored more than one mentee.

We had a short review about our weekly social events that we offered this winter term in addition to the individual relationships and which helped to grow together into a real ICM community. We were very happy about the lively participation and the great feedback on our numerous events.

ICM – fit during your studies and beyond!

We were particularly pleased about the guest speech by a former participant who is now successful in his professional life. As an ICM alumni he let us know how the ICM helps to develop excellent intercultural skills and communication skills - key qualifications that are needed in your studies, in everyday life, but also in later professional life, especially when it comes to working in intercultural and diverse teams.  If you want to learn more, please check our section ICM alumni.

After the formal part and a feedback round we played our new game Connect Extension and enjoyed this further networking activity.

If you also like to be part of the ICM community, register now as a mentor and benefit from exciting events that we are offering over the course of the summer semester. We look very much forward to seeing you!


Social events winter term 2021/22


countries of ICM.jpg

German food tour.png

game afternoon.jpg

ICM museum



ICM schlossberg

ICM 1 scavenger hunt

city stroll

ICM Academic Insights Bericht

ICM Kick-off

After the workshop for mentees, we welcomed our mentors for the kick-off of the Intercultural Mentoring Program as the official beginnning of the mentoring relationship. This winter semester 21/22, more than 130 mentors support our new international students. This means we have a new record with a number of around 300 students. We are very happy about this success, which proves that the ICM is highly appreciated.

First, we gave useful information about the program and our upcoming trainings, workshops and events, then a former mentor and a former mentee shared their own experiences in a very personal report. Both perspectives showed how important the support of the mentors is and how grateful the mentees are to have a contact person who is available to them with questions concerning studies but also with everyday questions. Many mentors and mentees had already met personally before the kick-off as we match them as early as possible, in many cases before the mentees arrive in Germany. After the kick-off we played Explore, so that mentors and mentees were able to connect with other students from all faculties and from all over the world. We thank everyone for the great exchange and wish all of our mentors and mentees an enriching and inspiring mentoring relationship this winter term.

kick off

mentee workshop

ICM Explore Gamenight

 ICM Connect Bild

ICM chai

ICM Workout for beginners

ICM Advanced Workouts

ICM Indian Culture

ICM Self Confidence Workshop

chess club